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Smart Home Technology


The term “smart” may seem overused when it comes to technology, but all kinds of devices continue to proliferate in our homes and everyday lives. You can take the trend as far as you want with smart speakers, TVs, lights and security devices. Some technology might be for convenience, but some of it can help seniors and their families and friends communicate more easily or provide emergency notifications.

Smart Speakers

Amazon’s Echo series (Alexa), Google Home and Apple (Siri) are the major providers of smart speakers. Using voice controls, they can provide entertainment (music from a variety of sources), news and weather, and much more by connecting to your Wi-Fi network. They can be set up to function something like a phone or intercom to check up on elderly parents or younger children.


Smart Homes

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Cell phones or tablets plus smart speakers can be set up to control lights, thermostats and other household devices. For some people, they can be absolute necessities, such as giving you the ability to turn lights on and off from a chair or a bed. Imagine the benefit of using a voice command to turn on a nightlight in a bathroom in the middle of the night or turn off lights in rooms after you vacate them. We help install smart home devices; make sure they work with smart speakers, cell phones and tablets; and make sure everyone knows how to use them – either in the home or remotely.

Smart TVs

Built-in internet and Wi-Fi capabilities allow smart TVs to give you access to any and all TV programming available over the internet. We make sure all of your smart TVs have good connections to your Wi-Fi network to deliver your programming, and we show you how to use all the smart TV features that are important to you.


Smart Security

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Doorbell monitors/answering systems, electronic locks, and security systems that include motion-activated cameras and lights can all be installed, set up, and monitored through your home network and mobile device.

Smart Users

The dumbest thing that people do with smart devices is not pay attention to security. We will educate you and everyone who uses your systems about security when using your smart devices anywhere. We can also install VPNs (virtual private networks) to ensure you have a secure Wi-Fi connection in public places.

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