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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best way to remember all of the passwords for a multitude of websites on my devices?

A: The worst thing you can do is keep a list of your accounts and passwords on your device.  If the device is hacked, you are at risk for identity theft and more.  If you must have a list, keep it off the device.  A better solution is to use a password manager.  I recommend "passlane"  ( It is free if used on only one device, and will keep track of your passwords using an encrypted file. It will also generate strong passwords for you as well as keep track of your personal information. I've been using it successfully for several years.

Q: What is the difference between "hibernate," "sleep," "shut down," and "restart" on my computer?

A: Before shutting down the computer, "hibernate" saves a complete picture of your computer that will be loaded when you start again. Unlike "sleep," it shuts the computer down completely and therefore does not use any battery power.  It should be used on a laptop when not connected to the power.  "Sleep" is a better choice if you are connected the the grid as it will result in a faster loading time when you start again.  After "power off" you must totally reboot the computer which takes more time and requires you to reload all of your applications.

Q: What's the benefit of storing files in DropBox?

A: DropBox is a cloud-based storage company that has been around for a long time. There are three major benefits to storing files on DropBox;


  • It backs up your files, and if your computer fails you will be able to retrieve them on any computer or smart device if you remember your account name and password.


  • Your files are available to you on any device, not only the local hard drive of the computer on which you were working.

  • You can share a a folder with others without having to insert the file as an attachment to an email. This feature is particularly useful if you work with team members.Unlike other cloud based storage options, DropBox keeps a local copy of all folders and files on your hard drive so you can access them even when not connected to the Internet.  It synchronizes the files whenever you have an Internet connection. DropBox initially gives you free 2.5 gigabytes of storage You can get more free space by inviting other users to join.  If you are a heavy user, DropBox provies a terabyte of storage for a monthly fee of $10.


Q:     What should I do if I suddenly see a message on my computer telling me to contact Microsoft support, 

         or is charging a fee to be able to use my computer again? 

A:     Don’t contact the number on the screen!  Your device has been infected with ransomware and need expert assistance. 

         Leave the computer alone and call   Digital Device Doctor. Most infections occur either through opening of email   

         attachments or when downloading software. If you get an email that looks strange or from a source you don’t recognize, 

         delete it!  When downloading software be very careful that you are downloading from a reputable source.

Q:    If I use Gmail and Chrome as my browser, how do I control my Google account?

A:    Google has provided a one stop location to view and control your account information. Just go to where you can manage sign-in and security, personal information and privacy, 

        and account preferences. You can also conduct a privacy and security checkup.

Q:    What do I do if I am having a problem with the display on my computer?

A:    Hook your computer up to an external monitor to determine if the issue is with the screen or the video card 

        that drives the screen. If it works, the problem is the display on the computer.

        If it doesn’t work, there might be a problem with the video card in the computer, or it may be a software problem.

        You can check by starting Microsoft Edge (which is built in to Windows 10). If Edge works, then you need to delete 

        Chrome and install it again. If you have signed into Chrome with the Gmail account, all of your Chrome settings 

        will be loaded when you reinstall Chrome.

        If the display problem persists, it is the video driver (which is hardware built in to the computer)

Digital Device Doctor can assist you in diagnosing the problem quickly

and recommending the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

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