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Computer and Printers

Problems with sluggish computers and connections to printers are extremely frustrating. Solutions can range from simply connecting, tightening or replacing a cord or cable to installing updated operating systems and drivers and making sure your technology components talk to each other.

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Our service for computers include:

Remote Examination

We can access your computer remotely and typically find and fix many problems, including:

  • A build-up of electronic “junk” that accumulates from everyday online activity and  slows down your system

  • Outdated security systems that leave you vulnerable to hackers

  • Outdated browsers, printer drivers and application software that also leave you exposed to hackers

  • Loose, unplugged or broken cables that don’t make connections

Telephone or Video Walk Through 

When we can’t connect remotely, we can walk you through the solution process by phone or a video app, such as FaceTime or WhatsApp.

House Call 

If we can’t solve a problem remotely or by telephone, we’ll visit you to assess your problem and find the most appropriate solution.

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