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Cell Phones, Tablets and Readers

We’ve passed the point of no return in depending on cell phones, tablets, electronic readers such as Kindles, and a host of smart devices such as speakers, doorbells, locks, security cameras, etc.


We use our devices over cellular and Wi-Fi networks and expect seamless, reliable performance with no need for tinkering or reconfiguring.


We help you set up and manage your devices and show you how to use them for the functions you need:


They enable us to talk to people, browse the internet, complete business and banking transactions, and bring order to our lives through shared calendars. We help you set up phones correctly and learn how to manage functions and security. We are expert with both Apple and Android operating systems.


Tablets combine the best of smart phone mobility with a larger display that can, for some, replace computers. We can help you set up your devices to make sure you can enjoy all the services and functions that fit your needs and lifestyle.

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