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What We Do

We specialize in helping seniors use technology better:

  • Phone and online problem solving

  • Technology purchase advice and how-to help by phone or email

  • House calls

Our services cover:

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Click on any of the icons above to learn more about we take care of any and all technologies you may have in your home. 

Who We Are

Gene Rubel – Digital Device Doctor


Founder Gene Rubel, the Digital Device Doctor, cures digital anxiety for seniors. “Doctor Gene” has worked with computers and technology in business and personally for 50 years and enjoys delving into the details and explaining them in plain English to peers who feel frustrated and uncomfortable.

Gene’s “techside” manner is an important part of his service. He knows technology and change can be overwhelming. He brings a calm and patient demeanor to helping his “patients” enjoy the benefits of rapidly advancing technology. Those benefits can include staying in close touch with distant family and friends, finding useful information or entertainment on the internet or using technology to conduct business more effectively from a home office.

Want to Know More?

Visit our Resources pages to read our published articles and newsletters, which all include product reviews and technology tips. This section of our website will be updated regularly and will include how-to videos, customer testimonials and links to useful, informative websites.

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